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Poppy Trust Fund
Your Donations at work in Burlington

Betser Chalmers Poppy Fund Chair
Burns MacLeod

The mission of The Royal Canadian Legion, BURLINGTON BRANCH #60 is:  

The basic purpose of the poppy funds is to provide immediate assistance to ex-servicemen and women in need...The Legion constitution stresses that poppy funds...are held in a bank account separate from that of the branch general funds and cannot be used for any purpose than those stipulated.

Our mission is to serve Veterans, which includes serving military and RCMP members and their families; to promote Remembrance; and to serve our communities and our country.
...Support to our Communities
The Legion is one of Canada's largest supporters of youth activities in the country supporting cadets...

Support of Cadet Units: ...Subject to prior approval by Provincial Command, a branch may make an allotment up to 20% of the balance in its Poppy Trust Fund...on (30th) September in the year preceding the expenditure to support and encourage Cadet Units that have assisted the branch with the Poppy Campaign or other Remembrance activities....An allotment would be for assistance to Cadet units, not reimbursements for individual expenses.

In essence, the purposes and objectives of the Legion were born of the need to further the spirit of comradeship and mutual assistance among all who have served, and to never forget the deeds of the fallen.

The major source of funding for the Legion to accomplish this most important work is the annual Poppy Campaign, the foundation of our Remembrance Program.  It is the generosity of the people of Burlington that enables the Legion to ensure that our veterans and their dependants are cared for, and treated with the respect that they deserve.  It also flows into the community at large, through our collective giving, to our hospital, and other good deeds.

This annual November campaign, which sees Poppies distributed to Canadians of all ages, serves to perpetuate Remembrance, by ensuring that the memory and sacrifices of our war veterans are never forgotten

Rembrance Day Poppy
Air Cadets

Army Cadets

Sea Cadets

 Updated: November 12, 2014

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